Should You Power Wash A Stucco Home? Jackson NJ


Should You Power Wash A Stucco Home? Jackson NJ Yes. Yes. Yes. The real question is HOW should one clean their stucco home? Before you know the answer to this question, DO NOT clean your stucco, as there is a very high risk of damage. Firstly, it's important to understand that stucco or EIFS (the artificial stucco everyone is using today) is a very delicate surface. These surfaces are very prone to being damaged simply by knocking into it, or applying too much pressure on it. Allowing dirt and mold to live on it will also cause it damage, as the mold creeps deeper and deeper into the surface, causing it to crack and even getting behind the stucco surface. Now it's obvious that should you power wash a stucco home, Jackson NJ it would need to be a very gentle process. It's important to find a contractor who has lots of experience cleaning stucco, as well as understanding the makeup of stucco. If a contractor causes water damage to your stucco, you will not know about it till much later when he is long gone. BlueJet Power Wash is trained and certified to clean stucco and other delicate surfaces. The key to safely cleaning the stucco is to have a broad knowledge of cleaning compounds and chemicals that can effectively restore these surfaces, thereby allowing us to avoid the use of any water pressure. We apply a cleaning compound to the surface that will kill the mold and lift the dirt from its porous surface, followed by a low pressure rinse (not much stronger than a garden hose). Should you power wash a stucco home?  Jackson NJ YES, but be certain you are using BlueJet's safe and soft process so you can rest assured that your stucco will look great and last for many years.