Should You Power Wash Yourself? Lakewood, NJ


Should You Power Wash Yourself? Lakewood NJ Today, a homeowner can go to Home Depot and easily rent or purchase a power washer to clean their property on their own. Many people will do this, figuring that it can save them a lot of money by not having to hire a professional service company. Many people won't even bother calling a professional contractor, thinking that it probably cost tons of money, after all they are cleaning my whole house. The reality is that expert power washing is really not expensive at all, and if that's your motive for trying it on your own you need to calculate if the time it will take you to accomplish it will really pay off. There is another point to keep in mind. When a homeowner power washes their home, they will typically spray the surface with high-pressure water to remove the dirt and mold. there are two issues with this. 1) The only way to truly get rid of the mold is to kill it before removal, and the DIY power wash machines don't come with the equipment necessary to apply a chemical/soap to the whole house. 2) Every surface calls for different amounts of pressure, and some surfaces (ex: Stucco) can easily be damaged if high-pressure water is applied. Should you power wash yourself? Lakewood NJ Its doable, however a professional power washing company can do it affordably, safely, and effectively.

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