Staining A Pine Fence, Lakewood NJ 08701

Staining A Pine Fence, Lakewood NJ 08701 The pine fence pictured above is the most widely used fence simply because it's the least expensive choice available. Whichever fence you choose it's important to know on advance the best way to maintain them. Although with wood decks we wait about a year before staining them, with the pine fence we tell our customers to stain them a lot sooner than that. The reason is that the wood used for this fence is not very strong and can dry out and warp very quickly. Staining a pine fence, Lakewood NJ 08701 should be done 1-3 months after installation. The fence will need to be power washed prior to staining, and stained once wood is completely dry. This type of wood will need as much protection as possible, so it's important to choose a premium quality stain that has lots of pigmentation to protect from the sun, as well as quality oils to protect from moisture. This particular customer wanted a specific color that was brown but not too dark. We custom blended some colors from Armstrong Clark oil stain to produce a beautiful color that customer as satisfied with. Staining a pine fence, Lakewood NJ 08701 is an important part of maintaining the peace between you and your neighbors:)