Stucco Can Be Cleaned Safely, Brick NJ


Stucco Can Be Cleaned Safely, Brick NJ Many homeowners are under the assumption that stucco cannot be power washed. Although there is some truth to this, it's a huge mistake to think that your stucco should not be cleaned. Stucco or EIFS is a very delicate surface that cannot handle any pressure without the risk of damaging it. Many contractors who install stucco will tell their customers not to power wash the stucco, so as not to damage it. The problem is that they don't tell the homeowner how they can clean their stucco home. Stucco can be cleaned safely, Brick NJ and it must be cleaned if we want it to last a long time. The question is how to do it. One of the things that can damage stucco is pressurized water that is forced behind the surface, and will cause a mold issue down the road. What's tricky about this is that if a contractor forces water into your stucco, you will not know about it till months later, and by that time he's long gone. This is why it's important to seek out a contractor who is experienced, and specializes in the safe and effective cleaning of stucco and other delicate surfaces. The method we use at BlueJet Power Wash is a soft-wash technique that avoids the use of high pressure water, rather we apply a cleaning compound that kills the mold and loosens the dirt from the surface, followed by a light rinse. This method works, and is %100 safe. If your home is made of stucco, remember that stucco can be cleaned safely, Brick NJ, and periodic cleaning will keep it looking great for a very long time.