Stucco Cleaning Tips - Lakewood NJ


Stucco Cleaning Tips Lakewood NJ Here is a before/after pic of a stucco home we power washed and cleaned in Lakewood NJ. Fortunately for the homeowner the dirt, mold, and algae came out nicely, and we were able to restore it to almost like new. Notice i said "almost" like new...because the most important of all Stucco cleaning tips is to do regular cleanings of your stucco at least every 2 years. Unlike vinyl sidig and other surfaces which we clean only once they become dirty, stucco neeeds to be cleaned BEFORE it gets dirty. The reason for this is since its such a porous surface the dirt and mold get stuck in all its nooks and crannies, and after an extended perod of time it can be almost impossible to clean without damaging your stucco. That being said, If you are concidering putting stucco on your home, do not forget the Stucco Cleaning Tip Lakewood NJ: Have it cleaned at least every 2 years by a professional experienced in the cleaning and restoration of stucco and other delicate surfaces.

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