Tips On How To Clean Your Vinyl Siding, Lakewood NJ


Tips On How To Clean Your Vinyl Siding, Lakewood NJ. The best way to go, is to hire a professional company that has all the equipment necessary to get it done safely and effectively. However if you are a DIY here are some important tips to keep in mind.

1) You will need a power washing machine.

2) You will need a method to apply a cleaning solution to the siding (solution needs to have mold killing abilities. ex. Bleach).

3) May need ladders to reach higher spots.

Make a mix of bleach, dish soap, and water in a 5 gl. bucket. Use a brush attached to a long pole to apply the soap mix to the siding. A good dish soap will help loosen up the dirt and grime on the vinyl, and the bleach is necessary to kill the mold and algae so it does'nt return too soon. Allow the mix to dwell on the siding for a few minutes so it has time to do it's work. Next, rinse the siding from top to bottom with a low-pressure rinse. DO NOT use high pressure as this can damage your home, and force water behind the vinyl. These are the basic tips on how to clean vinyl siding, Lakewood NJ. It may take some time and practice till you get the hang of it, and till you figure out how much soap and bleach will work to get it clean. Remember, to be extra careful when climbing ladders, as they can be especially dangerous to climb while operating a power washing machine. In future articles we will discuss more in depth tips on how to clean your vinyl siding, Lakewood NJ. Cleaning your vinyl may take some work, but the reward will be a beautiful sparkling clean home.

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