Top Deck Staining Mistake, Toms River NJ


Top Deck Staining Mistake, Toms River NJ The many requests we get from people to stain their deck, are often accompanied by complaints that the last time it was done for them it ended in disaster. We ask a few questions to figure out why it may have not been successful, and we often find out that the deck staining had not been done by an exterior wood restoration expert. The homeowner might have had a painter doing some work on the interior, and the painter offers to do the deck as well...hey he's here already, might as well have him do everything, right? Wrong! Although it may seem logical to have him stain your deck, this is still the top deck staining mistake, Toms River NJ. Painting the interior of your home, is nothing like staining something outdoors, which entails expert power washing, understanding how weather conditions affect the job, moisture meters, wood sanding, being familiar with many stain options, etc...Deck staining IS NOT just another paint job, rather it needs to be done by a contractor who understands everything about exterior wood. To avoid the top deck staining mistake, Toms River NJ make sure you are hiring a company that specializes in exterior wood restoration services, and of course get referalls.

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