Trex Power Washed, Brick NJ


Trex Power Washed, Brick NJ A Trex deck is beautiful.....when it's clean. Due to its porous surface, this deck type seems to attract and lock in lots of dirt and mold. If your yard around the deck is very shady, your deck will get dirty quickly. The good news is that your Trex deck can be cleaned to look like new again! But...and this is a big But! You only get one chance to get it right. In other words, the deck must be cleaned the right way, or it will be irreversibly damaged. Trex is a manufactured material made from wood, plastic, and some other fillers. This material is a lot softer than wood, and can easily be etched or scratched. If you scratch a Trex deck, it can't be sanded out like you would do with wood. So the question is how can I clean my Trex, without the risk of permanently damaging the surface? An expert power washing company can usually clean your Trex deck, however it is recommended to hire a power washing contractor who specializes, and has lots of experience cleaning this delicate surface. Trex power washed, Brick NJ with a commercial power washer can potentially cause lots of damage. An expert in Trex cleaning will know how to use the right chemicals and soaps to kill off the mold and losen the dirt from its nooks and crannies. After a chemical application all that's needed is a low pressure high volume rinse to restore the surface to its original beauty. This method greatly minimizes the risk of damage to the surface. Get your Trex power washed, Brick NJ by an expert today.