Types Of Deck Stains, Jackson NJ


Types Of Deck Stains, Jackson NJ There are basically two types of deck stains. Here we will outline what they are, and the pros and cons of each:

1) Oil-Based Semi Trasparent Stain

Pros: no peeling or cracking, will allow beautiful wood grain to show through, easy to maintain

Cons: will only last approx. 2 years


2) Solid Stains (looks like paint)

Pros: may last 5 years+

Cons: will peel over time, will hide beautiful wood grain, harder to maintain, cannot go back to transparent look without stripping off old stain (very expensive).


It is not a question of which stain is better, rather it depends on your lifestyle, and how much you are willing to invest in your deck moving forward. If you love the look of wood, and you spend alot of time on your deck, then a premium semi-trans oil stain is great for you. If you don't care all that much about how the deck looks, rather you just want something that will protect it for a long time, then the solid stain may be a better choise for you. Either way, BlueJet Power Wash will take the time to discuss all the different types of deck stains, Jackson NJ with you, and make a recommendation based on your needs. It's important to work with a company that specializes in exterior wood restoration to avoid any headaches along the way, and so you can rest assured that with their help, you will be making the best choice for your property. With all the different types of deck stains, Jackson NJ available today, having it simplified by the experts will make your experience a pleasant one.

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