What Can I Do To Prevent Mildew From Growing On My Vinyl Siding, Brick NJ

What Can I Do To Prevent Mildew From Growing On My Vinyl Siding, Brick NJ This is one of the most common questions we are asked. After all, there is nothing more unnerving than to see green and black mold quickly grow all over your beautiful home. First let's talk about the areas that are more prone to have mildew and algae grow on them. The north side of your home will always have the most mold, and the reason for this is because this side does not get direct sunlight. Mold and algae love shady and moist areas, so the north side is top real estate for them. To minimize mold growth on the north side of your property, you may want to have less shrubbery and trees there so more sun will hit the home surface. As far as mold prevention, unfortunately there is nothing you can put on your home to stop it from ever coming, however there are some steps you can take that will send them packing for longer periods of time. The best offence to prevent mildew from growing on your vinyl siding, Brick NJ is to have your home expertly power washed by a contractor who specializes in exterior mold removal. Yes, you can power wash your home on your own, but most homeowners will simply shoot water at their siding without killing the mildew and algae. This will not help much, and you can expect to see it return within months or even weeks. A professional contractor, trained in exterior mold removal, can apply chemicals that will kill all the mold on your home, and leave it looking sparkling new. This method of blending different soaps and chemicals that can deal with the underlying issue, is the most effective and can keep away the mold for a couple of years. What can I do to prevent mildew from growing on my vinyl siding, Brick NJ Have it cleaned every 2-3 years, so you will never have to see it accumulate the way it can. It's simple and affordable.

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