What Is That Green Stuff Growing On My Siding, Brick NJ

What Is That Green Stuff Growing On My Siding, Brick NJ The good news first: That green stuff can be cleaned, and your siding will look like new again. The not such good news: That green or black stuff is not simply dirt, rather it is mold and algae. This means that the cleaning must be done by a power washing expert that specializes in exterior mold removal. Remember, mold and algae are living organisms that will continue to grow and thrive on your home unless they are killed. Trying to rinse it away with water will not kill the mold, and even if your siding looks better than before, the mold will reappear very shortly. To effectively remove the green stuff growing on your siding, Brick NJ an expert would apply a cleaning solution designed to remove mold from that particular surface. This method will leave your home looking great, and will send the mold packing for longer periods of time. The next time you find yourself asking, what is that green stuff growing on my siding, Brick NJ? Just remember, there's nothing to get worked up about. A professional power washing service can discuss your needs with you, and restore your home to a sparkle :)

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