What Is That Green Stuff On My Siding? - Lakewood NJ


What Is That Green Stuff On My Siding?- Lakewood NJ Let's first say what it's not. It's not green dirt. It's not the green pollen that attacks central jersey every spring. So what is it? Believe it or not, it's a combination of mold, and algae. There is a huge difference between having mold or just some dirt on your siding. The difference is, that mold is alive, and can only be effectively dealt with by doing something that will kill it before trying to remove it. With this knowledge we can understand why the old cleaning methods (that many contractors still use...) were never working too well. Customers were wondering why the green stuff returned within months. Now we know that the mold was never killed, rather it was blasted off with high pressure water, removing enough of it to satisfy customer, while remaining mold spores were silently multiplying. If you are asking yourself "What is that green stuff on my siding? Lakewood NJ, then it's important to find a professional power washing company that is experienced in exterior mold removal. Ask lots of questions, and be certain that they use methods that effectively remove the mold, while causing no damage to your property. What is that green stuff on my siding?- Lakewood NJ. This question together with all this information will send the mold packing :)

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