When Is The Best Time Of Year To Power Wash My House, Brick NJ

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Power Wash My House, Brick NJ Here in the north east, power washing is a seasonal job, that runs basically April thru November. Anytime during these 8 months is a great time to have your home power washed, and choosing one season over another will not help in keeping your home clean for longer. Many people have their home power washed in the spring and early summer, simply because that's when homeowners come out of winter hibernation, and notice how dirty their house is. The best time of year to power wash your house, Brick NJ is really any time you notice it needs some maintenance. If your home is laden with vinyl siding then it's mostly a cosmetic issue to have mold on your home (although it may be a problem for those with allergies). If your home is stucco or EIFS, a very common exterior today, then expert cleaning is required to maintain both the look and the structural stability of the surface. Ignoring your stucco will result in permanent stains and a gradual breakdown of the surface. Another area on your property that may need attention is the concrete. The concrete around your swimming pool should be cleaned shortly before you open your pool, this way everything is looking great at your first swim. When is the best time of year to power wash my house, Brick NJ? The time doesn't matter as much as the process used. Be sure to choose a contractor that is experienced in power washing methods that are both effective and safe for use on your property.

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